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5 best hygiene and oral health tips for pregnancy

Personal hygiene is most important when you’re expecting. We present important tips to take on board.

Pregnancy is a magical time, but it is not without its risks, most of which are completely avoidable. You can keep yourself and your unborn baby safe from disease with the help of these basic pregnancy tips:

1 Keep cool and dry. As the baby grows in your belly, there are many physiological changes taking place in your body. Some women experience frequent sweating, while others might suffer from greasy hair and skin. Make it a point to take showers with lukewarm water while using an antibacterial bathing soap. The antibacterial soap kills any infectious germs present on the skin and keeps you from getting sick and passing the infection to the foetus.

2 Wash your hands often. Dirty hands can make you and your unborn child sick. Infectious germs and microbes lurk on the hands, and they can enter your body via contact with your eyes, nose or mouth and cause cold, flu, cough, vomiting, etc. Keeping yourself free of disease during this time is the most important pregnancy tip we can give you. The best way to ensure this is to keep the hands germ-free by using a good antibacterial liquid hand soap several times a day.

3 Use a mild floor and surface cleaner. Just like your body and clothes must be clean to a spotless shine during pregnancy, so should your immediate environment. Bacteria and germs lurk on cooking surfaces, the floors and also items of common use like door handles, landline phone, toilet flush knob, etc. Clean all surfaces of common use with a good antiseptic liquid mixed in clean water. You can use the same liquid to clean your floors and cooking surfaces as well. Let the surfaces air dry after cleaning.

4 Wear properly washed clothes. Your clothes must be scrupulously clean during this time. Dried sweat and oils from the skin can cause body odour, rashes, boils, acne and other skin maladies. When you wash your clothes, add a measure of antiseptic liquid to the laundry load to ensure thorough disinfection. This is an important pregnancy tip for your health and also to use in case a member of the family is ill – their clothes must be washed separately from yours, using antiseptic liquid.

5 Keep tabs on your dental health. Your gums, inner cheeks and tongue reveal the state of your health. Any dental disease contracted during this time may lead to complications in your pregnancy, so keep regular tabs on the inside of your mouth. Get yourself checked for tooth decay and seek treatment in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Tell the dentist that you are pregnant and that they should prescribe any medication keeping your pregnancy in mind. Any X-rays and scans must be avoided during this time.


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