Los Angeles Gynecomastia Specialist Solve Problems For Many Men

How Can Los Angeles Gynecomastia Specialist Solve Problems For Many Men

Overdeveloped breast tissue in men is known as gynecomastia. Looking for Los Angeles gynecomastia specialist is something that has to be done for few boys and men because they suffer from this condition. It is important to know that overdeveloped breast tissues in men do not necessarily mean surgery; in fact surgery is only rarely required. It is only if there are other reasons like lumps or tumors to be worried about that surgery may be necessary.  It is a condition that affects at least 57% of elderly men and it is becoming more widespread.

Women are unique for their ability to lactate and feed an offspring. This is a trait that is absent in men. However, that is not the whole truth. Both the genders possess mammary glands and some discrepancies in men can make them lactate as well. When such hormonal imbalances occur, men may develop significantly higher numbers of breast tissues. This is gynecomastia.

The basics one should know about

Having overdeveloped breast tissue can be embarrassing for boys and men. This happens when there is a significant imbalance in estrogen and testosterone in the body. In fact, since these are the two hormones that affect the sexual characteristics of any person, they are present in both the genders, of course in different levels. When it comes to men, testosterone is the dominant hormone and it controls several factors such as facial growth and muscle mass. However, when testosterone levels are low in a man and the estrogen levels are higher, the female characteristics such as breast tissue may develop.

All age groups can be affected

It is important to know that gynecomastia is a condition that may affect any man, no matter what his age might be. About 50 to 60% of teenage boys suffer from this condition while 70% of men between the ages of 50 and 70 years are affected. In fact, infants too can have this condition which is caused due to their being affected by the mother’s estrogen levels. It is usually the case that the problem goes away within a few weeks after birth.

Hormones and lifestyle to be blamed

Hormones are usually the No. 1 reason why men are affected by this condition. They are not the only reason. Lifestyle and medications too can cause it. For example, some chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics and steroids may be responsible for it. Too much alcohol use and the usage of illegal drugs are also found to be responsible for the condition.

The truth is that gynecomastia is a condition that finds men hiding because they are too embarrassed to see a doctor. But a doctor must be seen as soon as possible to rule out any complications arising out of the condition. It is easy for men to withdraw socially and even lose interest in romantic relationships if they are affected. The great thing is that being affected by this condition does not mean that there is no cure – in fact, there are definite means by which the appearance of the enlarged breast tissue can be minimized so that the person can go on living a normal life.


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