intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse

How to Unwind During Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

A serious program like intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse demands a lot of time and mental energy. You’ll want to make sure that you work hard during treatment, but it’s just as important to rest and refresh. This lets you start every day with energy and a positive attitude. Here are six hobbies and activities to help you unwind:

Take a Cooking Class

This is a great option for both foodies and people watching their diet. Getting hands-on in the kitchen can help you pick up skills while you have fun. You can explore everything from old family recipes to exotic ethnic cuisine here.


Volunteering lets you put your time and energy to a good cause and meet like-minded people in the community. What’s close to your heart? You may be able to volunteer at animal shelters, senior centers, food banks, schools, or cultural centers like your local theater. Some of these offer perks like free entrance to the latest stage production.

Play Board Games

This is a great way to hang out with friends and family members or meet new people. Board games have come a long way from Monopoly and Clue. Now you can find everything from space adventures to haunted houses to brain-teasing puzzles.

Go Hiking

Get the blood moving and clear your mind by hitting your local trails. Even if you live in a big city, there are probably more options available than you think. With just a water bottle, a smartphone, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes, you can explore little-known nature walks, go geocaching, or try your hand at Pokémon Go.

Take Up Art

While you’re out on the trail, you can always take a breather and try a second hobby: art. This is a great way to explore your creative side and express yourself. You can find tiny watercolor kits that slide into a pocket or work with charcoal and colored pencils. If you don’t want to invest in art supplies, don’t underestimate what you can achieve with a simple 2B pencil and a notebook.

Learn to Dance

Whether you’ve got great rhythm or two left feet, you can learn to dance. Classes are available everywhere, and you may be able to learn on a budget at a community center or find lessons on YouTube.


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