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How to use bodybuilding supplements to build muscle mass?

The science of muscle protein synthesis involves many factors, from repair to protein absorption. This article studies how bodybuilding supplements form an indelible part of the process.

Muscle building is, quite simply, the process by which the muscles in the body are systematically stretched and ‘broken down’ so that they may repair themselves. This is done via strength and resistance training to build muscle mass, elasticity, strength and endurance. It is further helped along by consuming bodybuilding supplements comprising of whey protein.

It is done primarily by creating a high amount of stress in the muscle that is being worked upon. For example, you would lift a heavy weight if you were training your biceps. When you do so, micro tears are created in the muscle, which activates the cells in the muscles to start rebinding with each other so that the muscle may be repaired. In the meantime, you experience a soreness and slight pain in the muscle. Thus, the cells synthesise together to create new muscle sheaths at the site of the damage.

BigMuscles workout supplements

This process is known as ‘muscle hypertrophy’ which helps in protein synthesis. At this juncture, if you consume a workout supplement rich in protein, then the muscle is built faster and it becomes stronger as well.

How bodybuilding supplements work

Before you invest in bodybuilding supplements and devise a workout plan for yourself, it is important to understand the classification of your body:

  • Ectomorph: Lean and skinny, with a narrow frame and lower levels of strength and endurance
  • Endomorph: Short and blockish in frame, with higher levels of endurance but higher levels of body fat as well
  • Mesomorph: A taller and broader frame, with higher endurance and lower body fat, with typically higher strength despite low intensity training

An expert trainer can work in conjunction with a nutrition to devise a meal plan for you based on your body classification – each requires a certain daily diet and number of calories, apart from the most suitable workout supplements.

  • Bodybuilding supplements must be studied for the number of calories they have per serving, apart from total carbs, fats and other nutrients. You can then adjust your daily calorie count such that you consume slightly less calories than you burn. However, your calorie consumption must be slightly aggressive if you are looking to build bulk as a professional bodybuilder.
  • You must then devise a workout plan for a certain number of days per week, taking care to step up the intensity every few days so that the muscles are challenged more and more. Take BigMuscles workout supplements for every day of strength and resistance training.


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