Know the importance of gaining weight in a right way

Know the importance of gaining weight in a right way

While obesity is becoming a significant public health risk, being underweight can also cause health problems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person having a body mass index (BMI) under 18.5 is considered to be underweight. Underweight basically means one is not getting enough calories and other important nutrients required for the proper growth.

Since, one is not getting enough nutrients; he or she can be prone to infections, weak bones, weakened immune system, anemia, fertility issues and lot more other complications.

Studies have shown that underweight is not just about eating fewer calories, but lot more than that. Let’s put down few main points in this article:

MorePhysical Activity: More the physical activity of the person as compared to a sedentary person more burning of the calories. This is very common among the weight lifters, athletes, trainers in the gym, a photographer or any job that your body to strain it physically.

Any Illness or Disease:Many problems can be the reason for not gaining enough weight. These problems include type 1 diabetes, thyroid problems, and digestive issues like IBD and Crohn’s disease. You should definitely meet your doctor and consult with him before taking any supplement.

Depression or any other Psychological Problems:Depression, anxiety, and any mental health condition can interfere with healthy eating patterns and appetite — and finally affects weight. This is very common among teenagers who are conscious about their looks and tends to eat lesser food than required.

It’s a myth in our country that people who don’t look fat are healthy from within. Well, People who are underweight have their own share of problems and side effects which includes compromised immune system, fertility, growth and development etc.

Let’s understand in detail how one can gain weight in a healthier way:

The basic idea behind gaining weight efficiently would be to consume more calories and nutrients which can provide you energy and resistance to other infections. This doesn’t mean one can consume freely cheese burger, french fries or butter pavbhaji. Our motto is to load energy coming from protein, carbs and other nutrients and not much from the fat.

Here are few simple tips to follow:

Calculate no.ofkgs you need to put on: It is a pure math to understand how many calories you need to consume to get that perfect weight. Check with your dietician on the no. of calories and try to gradually reach to your goal rather than jumping at it one go.

Include protein in your diet: Whey protein is readily absorbed in your body and can help provide instant energy required by your muscles for growth and repair. Consuming 0.8–2.0 grams of protein per kg/body weight will help increase a person’s muscle mass and this is essential to healthy weight gain.

Eat three to five meals a day:Include small meals at regular intervals. Try having 3 meals and 2 snacks between them. Or try to grab snack every three or four hours or a quick munch to keep you going.

Drink high calorie smoothies: Go ahead and combine good amount of fruits, nuts and milk and prepare the healthy smoothie which will help provide you nutrients and energy. You can make banana almond smoothie, apple fig smoothie or simply add protein powder and shake it.Exercise Regularly:The age-old mantra of fitness, either to lose or gain, has been physical activity. Paired with the right diet, watch wonders happen. Some of us have a tendency to overdo sometimes, so it is safe to work out under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Opt for Weight Gainers:The right amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates paired with the proper amount of exercise will definitely help you gain healthy weight slowly and steadily.This weight gainer should be taken by trainers, weight lifters, athletes and those looking or perfect abs.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold supplies that extra calories you need to put on the added kilograms you want. When mixed with double toned milk, 3 heaped scoops provide 2200 calories, 73 grams of protein from an exclusive blend and 440 grams of carbohydrates. It also supplies important ingredients like BCAA that every athlete wants. It is a vegetarian product and contains no banned substances.


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