how to wear a condom

Never did the nasty with a condom on?

It’s not difficult to wear a condom at all. We guide you step by step.

It is known that you should wear a condom for sex, but a surprisingly large number of men prefer to go without one. If you are a virgin, or if you have never worn a condom before then you may be confused and worried about doing so for the first time. It is easy to know how to wear a condom with practice and finding the right product.

How to wear a condom: A step-by-step guide

* Wait to get erect. You cannot wear a condom over a flaccid penis. It is designed for use on an erect penis only. During sex, when you feel that you are fully erect and that you are about to penetrate or have oral sex, take a break to put the condom on. If you feel yourself losing your erection, stimulate yourself a little just before wearing the condom.

* Get the condom out of the pack gently. Each condom comes packed in its own plastic cover. There will be a tear tab or groove at the top – tear it gently without handling the rest of the condom. Remove the condom carefully from the pack, taking care to see that your nails don’t scratch the latex. Never use your teeth to tear the pack. Rough handling may cause microscopic tears that result in your ejaculate entering your partner without both of you realising it. A torn condom also cannot stop the transmission of STDs and STIs.

* Unroll the condom carefully. Now that the condom is out of the pack, hold the plastic rim and place the unrolled condom over the head of your penis. Don’t unroll it fully before you place your penis inside it. Start slowly unrolling the condom over your penis. Once the condom is fully open over your penis, lightly pinch its teat where there is excess air. Doing this removes the air pocket and ensures that the condom does not burst once there is ejaculate inside it.

* Take a fresh one if you tear the first. It might happen that your condom tears or does not unroll properly. Do not proceed with the same one, but take a fresh one if this happens. If you feel that the condom has shifted or torn during sex, stop at once, withdraw your penis and take a fresh condom.

* Take it off carefully after sex. After sex, the condom collects your ejaculate. However, your penis begins to get flaccid after sex, so the condom soon becomes loose around it. A few seconds after ejaculation, withdraw your penis by holding the rim of the condom firmly. This ensures that there is no spilling of its contents inside your partner or on the sheet. Now take off the condom carefully and wrap it inside a tissue paper securely. Throw it away in the trash and wash your hands with soap.


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