Remedies For Handling Hot Flushes During Menopause

Remedies For Handling Hot Flushes During Menopause

When it comes to menopause, one of the most irritating symptoms that it can cause are definitely the annoying hot flushes. While this symptom doesn’t show up at all women, it is present more than seventy percent of the times, which is quite a lot.

When does menopause begin?

Before we can talk about hot flushes, it is important to know when can they occur. Hot flushes start when a woman enters the menopause stage of her life, which begins twelve months after the last menstrual cycle.

There are many ways on how to stop menopause hot flushes according to Australian Menopause Centre, however, not all of them are as effective as you may think. While there are some ways that can help you control this symptom, only a few will take it away.

What causes hot flushes?

One of the main issues when it comes to hot flushes, is that they can occur because of a number of reasons. Something as minor as drinking alcohol or coffee, or wearing thick clothing can instantly trigger a hot flush which will overwhelm the woman in heat, causing her to sweat.

Hot flushes can also be caused as side effects of certain medicine, and they can also occur when a person eats some spicy food. While avoiding spicy food, alcohol, and coffee is quite simple, hot flushes can also occur when there is a slight change in body temperature, which can be caused by excitement, stress, on anxiousness as well.

You will definitely be happier without experiencing any hot flushes

How long do they last?

While hot flushes mostly last around a couple of minutes, there are cases where they can last up to a whole hour. During that time, the person’s temperature is going to change dramatically, as they will be sweating all the time, which will affect the blood pressure and the heart rate as well, in some cases in very dangerous ways.

What is an effective treatment for hot flushes?

There has been a lot of research for menopause and the ways to treat certain symptoms in the last couple of years, and the most effective way to treat and control menopause symptoms, including hot flushes, is the menopause treatment Sydney at Australian Menopause Centre that comes in the form of hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy does exactly what you might have guessed based on its name, and that is that it replaces the hormones that the body has stopped producing after the last menstrual cycle. You can check out the Australian Menopause Centre – Yellow Pages or talk to local doctors at the hospital for more information about this treatment.

There is nothing better than consulting with a professional when it comes to menopause symptoms

Final Word

Dealing with menopause is definitely one of the biggest struggles a woman has to go through during her life, but thanks to modern medicine, we are getting closer to the point where all of its symptoms are going to be treatable.


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